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2024 MSFAA Annual Conference

MSFAA President Welcome

Dear MSFAA Members,

Welcome to MSFAA!  I am the newly appointed President of MSFAA. It's truly an honor and a privilege to extend my warmest greetings as we embark on this journey together. With a theme close to my heart, "Onward, Upward, Together," I'm excited to dive into this chapter alongside such amazing colleagues like yourselves.

Having dedicated nearly two decades to the area of financial aid, my passion for this field runs deep. It's been a guiding force throughout my career, shaping my path and instilling in me a fervent commitment to our community. Now, as we unite under our shared mission, I'm filled with anticipation for the journey ahead.

In the spirit of humility and camaraderie, I invite each of you to join me in this journey of growth and collaboration. Our collective strength lies in the diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences we bring to the table, enriching our shared knowledge and fortifying our bonds.

As we face the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead, let's lean on one another for support, encouragement, and inspiration. Together, we have the power to achieve remarkable feats, reach new heights, and make a profound impact on the lives of those we serve.

In the year to come, our focus will be on enhancing student access and support, fortifying our community partnerships, and nurturing our membership through effective communication, comprehensive training, and meaningful mentorship. We're also dedicated to researching strategies for building a more robust financial foundation and refining our long-term strategic goals.

Here's to a year filled with progress, discovery, and shared success. Here's to moving onward, upward, together.


Warm regards,

Kemmoree Duncombe

President, MSFAA

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